About Training Table 

CU Training Table's Four "F's"

FOUNDATION - Be a student athlete who selects nutrient dense food which supplies a strong foundation to excel during your individual athletic performance.

FAMILY – Take pride in taking responsibility for yourself and your family. Within each family is diversity; Focus on being an elite athlete by consuming a variety of championship level vegetables, fruits, proteins, and carbohydrates. Consuming a variety of color, textures and flavors will better allow you to be fueled by elite nutrition and supportive of your family any way we can.

FUTURE – Plan ahead. Take fruits, nuts, and grains home for snacks. Purchase foods for consumption at home with your next athletic performance in mind. Make positive choices about how your future performance level can and will be affected by what you eat now.

FOOTBALL – Perform well with the utmost confidence knowing you are fueled and ready. Making the right choices for a solid nutritional foundation will inevitably create a stronger team for the future.

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