Pasta Jay 

In June of 1980 when I was 20 years old I moved from Bay City, Michigan and started washing dishes for my Aunt Kathy and Uncle Sonny, who owned “Sonny’s Pizza” in San Clemente, California. After a year stint at C.U. in Boulder I decided the pasta business was where my heart was. So I returned to Sonny’s to cook for six more years in order to learn the family recipes that had been passed down to him by his mother, “MaMa Genovese”, whose grandmother was the cook for the first King of the United Countries of Italy, Victor Emanuel the Second.

In September of 1988, my Mom (Jean) and Dad (Lowell) and I opened up PASTA JAY’S in Boulder at 9th and Pearl. Generations later we continue to use family recipes to create “food fit for a king”!


-Jay L. Elowsky

 Pasta Jay's Restaurant 

Pasta Jay's
1001 Pearl St
Boulder, CO

303) 444-5800




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